Did you know that mushrooms can replace meat and have a nutritional intake rich in minerals and proteins? Fresh mushroom dishes are especially varied.

Here are a few lesser-known edible mushrooms that are also delicious!

Cortinarius praestans Also called the goliath webcap, this is an edible mushroom from the family Cortinariacea. It grows, solitary or in small groups, on calcareous soils, in herbaceous deciduous forests, especially under beech trees, but also under oaks and hazelnuts. Cortinarius praestans is highly valued in many countries as a pricy edible mushroom. But beware, these fungi have a notoriously variable appearance during their development, so misidentification is common!

Craterellus cornucopioides Craterellus cornucopioides doesn`t look so appealing, but it actually tastes very good. These mushrooms can be dried, and then stored in hermetic jars for further use. They can also be turned into a sauce that can be freezed in portions. This way, we can have a wonderful mushroom sauce on your tables, during the winter.

Tricholoma terreum  Limited mainly to coniferous forests, although also found, occasionally, under deciduous trees, Tricholoma terreum has long been recorded as an edible mushroom with a light taste; however, caution is required, as it can be very easily confused with other grayish or gray-brown poisonous species of the same genus.

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