Magic mushrooms have attracted the attention of scientific researchers due to the interesting results that several studies had, promoting the belief that these natural remedies are not something to be neglected and that they can be truly regarded as an option for alleviating different symptoms of mental illnesses.

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For instance, professors from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have initiated a study to determine the effects of psilocybin on long-term smokers who wanted to quit, and to see if these remedies really worked for them. What the researchers stated is the fact that, unlike the traditional medication that people take to try and quit smoking, psilocybin does not have an impact on them only from the biological point of view, but also from the psychological perspective. Thus, psilocybin helped them deeply reflect on their lives and sparked their inner motivation to change for the better and finish with their addiction once and for all. Researchers buy mushroom spores from credible sources in order to continue this important research.

What psilocybin manages to do is to help smokers and those who suffer from often debilitating mental conditions, such as depression or anxiety, see life as something that they can actually handle on a daily basis. This would be a real breakthrough with many therapeutic advantages and, therefore, magic mushrooms are still scientifically studied.

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