Are Magic Mushrooms Researched Thoroughly in the United States?

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Psilocybin mushrooms have a long history and scientists now say they could play an important role in the future, because they have an active ingredient that is very useful in treating depression. The results of a clinical study showed that two doses of psilocybin are as effective as a common antidepressant – Escitalopram – in the treatment of moderate to severe depressive disorders, when combined with psychotherapy.

Psilocybin works in a fundamentally different way from Escitalopram. While both act on brain serotonin, Escitalopram seems to work by helping people tolerate stress more easily.

A recent study by the universities of California, Johns Hopkins and London Imperial College revealed promising results for patients suffering from depression, addiction or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Also, in February 2021, some researchers from Yale published a new study on psilocybin, published in the Neuron journal, in July. According to them, psilocybin improved stress-related behavioral deficits, and copes with the increase in excitation neurotransmissions. This means that stress-related behavioral problems have been minimized, and over-triggered neurons have been calmed down. The bottom line is that the results of the study show how this substance can help reconnect the brain to the cortex quickly and with lasting results.

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