psilocybe spores

There are communities that have been using Psilocybin mushrooms (also called magic mushrooms) for hundreds or even thousands of years. These mushrooms were known to ancient Native Americans, who have used them successfully in rituals involving the achievement of altered states of consciousness, and to this day many of the mushrooms are believed to have a healing quality that is very unique and potent.

Now, the scientific community has been catching up with these beliefs and actually finding valid evidence to support them. One of them is a study that showed Psilocybin – taken in the right dosage – was able to help study participants improve their emotional state of well-being, express their emotions in a better and healthier way, and function better in social settings.

Other studies also exist supporting the use of magic mushrooms for treating depression and anxiety. Also, some of them have gone so far as to suggest the mushrooms as part of possible treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease, ADD and PTSD, with varying results that show promising possibilities for developing future treatments.

Whether you’re considering using magic mushrooms in slightly larger doses for recreational purposes, or micro-dosing while still being able to function without any negative after-effects, businesses selling psilocybe spores affirm that it’s definitely worth looking deeper into what the newest scientific findings are to support the many potential health benefits that Psilocybin mushrooms might have.

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