According to a recent study, cancer patients can experience long-lasting alleviation from chronic anxiety and depression after taking just one dose of the “magic mushroom” ingredient – psilocybin. In fact, more than four years after getting the dose along with psychotherapy, cancer patients who were administered psilocybin reported decreases in anxiety, hopelessness, demoralization, and death dread.

Serotonin, a chemical messenger that is crucial in mood regulation, shares some properties with psilocybin. Chronic anxiety and depression can result from unbalanced or very low serotonin levels. However, because mushrooms have an impact on the body’s serotoninergic system, they may be able to help serotonin levels return to normal.Albino Penis Envy mushrooms

Magic mushroom spore distributors of potent Albino Penis Envy mushrooms confirm that the practice of micro dosing, or taking a small quantity of psychedelics every few days, is becoming more and more common. Despite the fact that dosage amounts might vary, most people say they only take up to 10% and occasionally even less of a full dose.

The purpose of microdosing is to obtain the advantages of psilocybin without running the danger of adverse effects, contrary to what you might think about the effects of such a small quantity.

So, what exactly are those benefits?

The primary benefits of microdosing mentioned by participants in studies and surveys are improved performance and productivity. The term “improved performance” has a broad definition, so more specific benefits include greater energy, a boost to creativity, an uptick in mood, and better concentration.

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