Can Magic Mushrooms Be Grown in Clusters?

Shaman Mushroom Spores

Magic mushrooms are included in the polyphyletic group of mushrooms. This group refers to those mushrooms which contain psychedelic ingredients like baeocystin, psilocin and psilocybin. Apparently, Mexico is the country with the widest variety of magic mushrooms. Generally, magic mushrooms have dark spores and gills.

The thing is, magic mushrooms are known to grow in clusters when they are in nature, too, so it may only seem obvious that they can also be cultivated in clusters. Of course, this may also depend on the exact species of mushrooms.

Cubensis, for instance, is the most commonly known type of psychedelic mushrooms. Due to the fact that it has a cinnamon-colored cap, this mushroom is also known as the golden cap mushroom. Although at the beginning Cubensis have a conical-shaped cap, as they grow their cap tends to become flat.

According to recent studies in this field, magic mushrooms can have a beneficial effect in case of migraines or obsessive compulsive disorders.

There must be said also that mushroom cultivation comprises several different phases, including germination, which is also known as isolation, expansion and, last but not least, the fruiting stage. The final stage is, in fact, when the mushrooms start producing spores. The spores – see – are used for further research and cultivation.


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