psychedelic mushroom spores

Magic mushrooms are commonly known for their hallucinogenic effects – the effects that have led to the criminalization and banning of the mushrooms in many parts of the world. However, medical attention has turned towards the beneficial effects of those mushrooms, more precisely, towards the health benefits of administering the mushrooms in amounts that are so small that the hallucinogenic effects are completely lost. When used in such micro doses, magic mushrooms cultivated from quality psychedelic mushroom spores have great medicinal potential, one of the aspects intensively studied by medical researchers being the capability of the mushrooms to calm anxiety.

Recent decades have seen several large-scale research studies into the potential of magic mushrooms in the treatment of anxiety, conducted with the participation of volunteers. Almost all studies came to the same conclusion: when administered in carefully calculated micro doses, magic mushrooms have beneficial effects for anxiety sufferers, with their symptoms being ameliorated almost instantly and the improvements lasting for weeks even if the administration is not repeated, usually without any adverse reactions. Several trials have been conducted into the potential positive effects of magic mushroom micro doses on depression sufferers, the results and the conclusions being similar: almost instant positive effects that last for weeks and no or very mild adverse effects.

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