Shaman Mushroom Spores

Many medical experts and scientific researchers, including chemists and pharmacologists as well, today advocate the idea that magic mushrooms or, more precisely, the active ingredient in the mushrooms, the compound called psilocybin, can have potential benefits in the treatment of certain mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and a variety of addictions.

Magic mushrooms is a collective term used for denoting over 70 different mushroom species, all containing the active hallucinogenic compound. While administering the mushrooms in a standard dose does, indeed, induce hallucinations, when administered in very small amounts called micro doses, the compound loses its hallucinogenic capabilities, but micro dosing brings forward the medicinal effects of the compound. Hundreds of recent medical research studies and trials conducted into those potential medicinal effects have revealed that administering psilocybin in micro doses brings about almost instant amelioration in the condition and state of mind of depression and anxiety sufferers.

The most common benefits reported include a generally improved sense of well-being, a more positive attitude towards life and its problems, improved focus, concentration, better communication skills, better problem-solving skills, improved empathy and much better productivity. In most cases, with very few exceptions, the beneficial effects have not been associated with any adverse effects.

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