The use of psilocybin began more than 3,000 years ago in rituals, the first ever documented use being in the 16th century. Many people in many cultures have seen them, over time, as a way to spiritual enlightenment and connect deeper with oneself.

The modern Western world needed some time to return to the therapeutic effect of psilocybin after civilization became so… civilized. Albert Hoffman managed to isolate psilocybin from psilocybe mushrooms for the first time in 1957 and then, in 1958, he synthesized it.

psilocybe spores

Researchers in the United States using mushrooms harvested from high quality psilocybe spores, have found that psilocybin can change that side of the personality that is closely related to imagination, feelings, abstract ideas, aesthetics, and creativity in general. In addition, ongoing studies are increasingly showing the positive effects of the medical use of psilocybin in treating anxiety and depression.

In some states, the process of decriminalizing the use of this substance has already begun, but from here to making magic mushrooms legal is a long way. If you want to get involved in this process, you can try to find ways to emphasize the medical benefits of psilocybin use and the importance of continuing research in this direction. You can contribute to making magic mushrooms legal in your state by contacting your legislative representative and letting them know that you support the work done to make magic mushrooms legal. You can also support research that shows the medical benefits of magic mushrooms.

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