Although there are a lot of talks about legalizing magic mushrooms, the fact is that only a small number of states have taken this step, and the majority of the United States – as in the case of many other of the countries of Earth – have not yet directed their focus towards the legalization of the mushrooms themselves.

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However, there are details that might seem somewhat surprising. One of them is that the spores of the infamous psilocybin mushrooms are actually legal to log around. Although the mushrooms, including exclusive albino penis envy mushrooms, originate in these spores, the spores don’t contain any quantities of the hallucinogenic substance, which makes them very difficult to criminalize in most places. In fact, they are legal in all American states except for Georgia, California and Idaho.

As for the legalization of the mushrooms themselves, we have to be aware of the fact that they become illegal only when the spores actually germinate. At this point, the mostly legal spores become mostly illegal magic mushrooms that you are prohibited from owning anywhere except for Denver, Colorado and Oakland and Santa Cruz in California.

Despite this fact, the use of psilocybin for research purposes is generally legal in most states, since it usually requires only the use of spores, which might not be legal for individuals to possess but are an exception when it comes to scientific research.

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