where do mushroom spores come from

Are you wondering where do mushroom spores come from? There are more than 180 psychedelic mushrooms all over the world. However, there often are many misunderstandings about these so-called “magic mushrooms”. Their nickname derives from the fact that, when eaten, they produce certain effects on our body and mind, including hallucinations, enhanced senses, and psychedelic effects in general.

The essential ingredient responsible for the psychedelic effect of these mushrooms is called “psilocybin”. When ingested in our bodies, this substance is converted into psilocin, the chemical substance responsible for the psychoactive properties.

One of the most common misunderstandings about psychedelic mushrooms is that they are merely recreational party drugs. Apparently, according to cancer patients who have taken part in clinical trials, the so-called “trips” were sometimes triggering anxiety. Nevertheless, the negative feelings are soon replaced by long-lasting positive ones. Other people have reported that the mushroom experience has helped them get a better perspective on their lives, which made them improve their personal relationships.

Another misconception about psychedelic mushrooms is that they are addictive. According to a recent study, about 32 million Americans have used, among other things, psychedelic mushrooms at a certain moment in their lives.

Despite the fact that it is not easy to predict such trends, the use of magic mushrooms has generally increased since the 1970s, also due to the spread of home growing techniques.



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