cooking with mushrooms

Mushrooms tend to have a lot of popularity among vegans. They are delicious and versatile ingredients to satisfy mostly any taste. At the same time, mushrooms can be the best choice when you need to prepare something fast and easy, but still want to cook something really tasty and healthy.

One of the most common mushroom recipes is that of mushroom stew. It can be made either on stovetop, or on instant top. Another great idea is to make mushroom burgers. There are plenty of recipes to be found both online, and in published cookbooks.

Another idea is to make mushroom risotto, or rice-based side dishes. Mushroom sauté with caramelized onions can be another delicious option for vegans and not only. Wild mushroom pasta, enriched with garlic and spices, can make another wonderful recipe.

Mushrooms can be added to mostly any kind of vegan soup, together with other vegetables, such as potatoes, peppers, carrots, cauliflower, etc. Still in combination with potatoes, mushrooms can create an excellent filling for pies or rolls. At the same time, you can use mushrooms to make delicious vegan meatballs, which can be eaten with pasta, French fries, and generally go well with tomato sauces. And the list can go on.

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