where do mushroom spores come from

The dark-gilled, psilocybin containing mushrooms known as magic mushrooms are usually cultivated within artificial circumstances, most commonly in research laboratories. However, the mushrooms have a very long history of being used in tribal rituals, which also means that the mushrooms have been and still are growing outside research laboratories, in nature. If you are wondering where do mushroom spores come from in the world, here are some things to know about their distribution, their natural habitat and some other features:

  • Very common in tropical and subtropical areas – magic mushrooms is a group that comprises over 100 different species, distributed all over the world. They thrive best in tropical and subtropical regions, but mushrooms with moderate psilocybin contents are found and continental and other climbing cells as well. The highest number of magic mushroom species is found in Mexico, followed by Canada and the US, then Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • They prefer shady areas – the preferred habitat of magic mushrooms is in meadows and hidden in the lush vegetation under trees. Magic mushrooms are, in many ways, similar to other mushroom species, one of those ways being that they prefer dark, damp places where they have access to lots of nourishment from decaying organic matter and where humidity is high.

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