where do mushroom spores come from Laboratory grade mushrooms are grown from spores (typically coming in the form of syringe spores or spore prints). Some people wonder where do mushroom spores come from? They are cultivated in specialized laboratories and used for research and scientific studies. Mushroom spores are legal even when it comes to psychedelic mushrooms because they do not contain psilocybin. This substance forms later as the mushrooms are growing. This is why magic mushrooms are illegal, but not in their spore stage. As a consequence, for many amateur microscopy beginners who want to study psychedelic mushrooms, this is a place to start their adventure legally. Some of them grow laboratory grade mushrooms at home if they can meet certain conditions: a sterile room for performing the inoculation, an incubation room, as well as a microscopy media room for research. Spores can get contaminated easily. This is why having a proper environment for growing and researching them is essential. When you grow laboratory grade mushrooms at home, you will have to learn how to avoid the risk of buying low quality spores. Otherwise you will lose the money you spent to purchase them, and the time you spent trying to grow laboratory grade mushrooms for your research would have been in vain.

*Our mushroom spores are sold for microscopic use only. Anyone purchasing our spores with the intention of using them in an illegal manner will be denied future purchasing privileges.

Psilocybin spores are legal in most States. It is your responsibility to follow the laws within your state, country, region.

Please do not inquire about instructions on how to grow mushrooms. We do not provide that type of information. Any buyer that mentions an intent to use our spores to grow mushrooms will be denied future purchasing privileges. Our psilocybe mushroom spores are for microscopic research and identification purposes only.

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