Although there is a lot of speculation surrounding the effects of magic mushrooms on the human brain, not every piece of news is actually true. And it takes a lot of research and sometimes specialized knowledge in order to discern between fake and reality.

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An example of fake news is that they can be addictive. On the contrary, researchers have found that they can actually have a beneficial effect for those who suffer from alcoholism or are heavy smokers and want to quit. At the same time, they are believed to have a very powerful anti-depressive effect that can last for many years and encourages further studies in this direction.

Another misinformation is that these mushrooms are legal all across the USA. As a matter of fact, only magic mushrooms spores can be legally owned and commercialized. And there are at least three states where they are not yet de-criminalized. Carefully investigate where to buy mushroom spores legally.  Make sure to review your local and state laws regarding the purchase of mushroom spores.

There is, however, a false sense of security concerning the decriminalization of magic mushrooms. And the problem is there is not enough clarity regarding what this de-criminalization actually means, which causes sometimes vulnerable people, such as those with mental conditions like PTSD, to try self-medicating on these natural remedies, and thus get exposed to prosecution by federal law enforcement.

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