Creative Ways to Cook Without Meat

Being a vegan or a vegetarian these days can be very difficult simply because you can hardly find anything that’s nutritious enough and isn’t meat. The main challenge tends to be finding good sources of protein, as if you also have additional disorders such as diabetes, that doesn’t let you consume a lot of the nutritious sources of carbohydrates that most vegans can enjoy, you’ll experience a lot of difficulty in putting together a menu that doesn’t leave you without your basic nutrition.where to buy mushroom spores

If you’re a vegetarian, you can get a lot of your protein from dairy. Whey protein sources are great for complementing what you can’t get from meat, and if you like milk and yogurt, you basically don’t even need the dairy products that have a higher content of unhealthy, saturated fats. For vegans, things are a little more difficult, but they too can enjoy soy products and products like tofu, which are typically included in a lot of ready made vegan dishes as well.

Mushrooms are also highly nutritious, and they can be prepared very easily. Both vegans and vegetarians can try delicious East Asian dishes based on shiitake mushrooms, for example, by either sautéing, boiling or preparing them as part of miso soup.

Mushrooms add flavor and texture to many recipes. If you are looking for a different type of mushroom experience, you can look for where to buy mushroom spores online.

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