When you aim to grow a laboratory grade mushroom, it’s important to consider your ultimate goals and what you want to achieve with your overall research. A laboratory grade mushroom is essentially a mushroom that embodies the best characteristics and the highest concentration of active substances that a mushroom could possess. For example, growing a laboratory grade psilocybe cubensis mushroom should result in a larger mushroom that contains a higher amount of psilocybin – the active psychedelic substance of “magic” psilocybin mushrooms – and that can be used successfully as part of various scientific studies.

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Getting faster results with laboratory grade mushrooms – whether psychedelic, edible or poisonous ones – will depend largely on various details and protocols used for the growth process. The selection of the right type of substrate and the adjustment of conditions in the lab could have strong effects on how well the mushroom grows and on whether or not it can grow properly at all. You can buy mushroom spores of premium quality with great growth results from Shaman Mushroom Spores.

It’s important to research the precise climate conditions under which certain mushroom species have evolved, as some might be more resilient while others require a very specific amount of light, heat or moisture in order to grow properly. Once you manage to provide them with the correct environment and substrate, you might be surprised just how easy it can be to get faster results with your new and improved laboratory grade mushrooms.

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