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We are living in an exciting time for those who have already recognized the health benefits of compounds previously considered to be harmful, but that are now being revised under pressure from the scientific and medical community. Like marijuana, psilocybe cubensis mushrooms which are known for containing the banned substances psilocybin and psilocin, have been illegal for many years on US soil. Even today, in most states, you can be liable for harsh prison sentences for simply being caught in possession of the mushrooms or the mushroom spore syringe substances without having a license to study them as a scientist.

Fortunately, places like California, Colorado and Oregon, as well as Washington State and Michigan, have made significant efforts to decriminalize the substances, and in Oregon the legal consumption of magic mushrooms is no longer a criminal offense. Nevertheless, in most other places, there are severe limitations on even the possession of mushroom spores which contain no amounts of psilocybin whatsoever.

California has probably the most interesting case, with both psilocybin and psilocin being categorized as “schedule I hallucinogenic controlled substances” and being banned from all except a handful of cities. Even there, being caught in possession of more than 2 grams of psilocybin can land you in legal trouble.

Considering that the controlled amounts for psilocybin dosages are measured in micrograms and milligrams, 2 grams are still a pretty significant amount. Of course, other areas may have different limitations when it comes to the possession and use of psilocybin, but the future proposed legislation is still quite promising in places like ,where the substance could be decriminalized next.

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Please do not inquire about instructions on how to grow mushrooms. We do not provide that type of information. Any buyer that mentions an intent to use our spores to grow mushrooms will be denied future purchasing privileges. Our psilocybe mushroom spores are for microscopic research and identification purposes only.

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