Psilocybin therapy is often performed by trained medical staff in research facilities across Western Europe, Canada and the United States to find out more about the beneficial effects of magic mushrooms over our mental health. Psilocybin has been discovered to have health benefits in the treatment of psychiatric disorders and alcohol or tobacco addiction. Moreover, many clinical trials show promising results for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. In addition, Psilocybe cubensis is known to sharpen senses and replace the need for coffee. However, psilocybin can also have side effects such as psychosis, manic episodes and triggering of suicidal behavior. This is why laboratory grade mushrooms have to meet certain standards in order to be used in scientific studies. If you are wondering where to buy mushroom spores for microscopic research lab testing, look to Shaman Mushroom Spores.

Laboratory grade mushrooms are used in numerous research projects and advanced studies meant to prove the neuroplasticity and healing effects of psilocybin. Different studies show that taking psilocybe cubensis influences imagination or introspection and changes the connectivity of certain brain regions by affecting their synchronization. As a result, low sub-hallucinogenic doses of psilocybe cubensis are currently used in exploratory research to determine their medical benefits. Moreover, micro-dosing can also help fight emotional discomfort and chronic inflammation in the body.

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