You should know a few things about using mushroom spore syringes in research. Firstly, you should never use them in an open environment unless that is the goal of your experiment. That’s because mushroom spore syringes are usually meant to be used in a special environment, away from any outside intrusions. And that’s because the mushroom resulting from the mushroom spore syringes have to be unaltered by any environmental factor whatsoever. That’s because mushrooms attract pollutants and other chemical compounds quite quickly, making them useless in future research.

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Also, you should know that mushroom spore syringes should only be opened when they are used. Although the substance keeps the spores healthy for a long time, it starts to break down, losing effectiveness once it comes in contact with air. So when you buy mushroom spores from online sources, always make sure that once you receive them, you store them in a safe place, away from heat or direct sunlight, and only open them when you want to use them. You may have a few tries until you get the culture you want, but if you follow these simple tips, you will certainly make the most of your mushroom spore syringes. You can enhance your usage of your mushroom spores syringes with proper handling.

*Our mushroom spores are sold for microscopic use only. Anyone purchasing our spores with the intention of using them in an illegal manner will be denied future purchasing privileges.

Psilocybin spores are legal in most States. It is your responsibility to follow the laws within your state, country, region.

Please do not inquire about instructions on how to grow mushrooms. We do not provide that type of information. Any buyer that mentions an intent to use our spores to grow mushrooms will be denied future purchasing privileges. Our psilocybe mushroom spores are for microscopic research and identification purposes only.

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The possession of psilocybe mushroom spores is illegal in the states of California, Idaho, and Georgia without the proper permissions. Orders placed to any of these states will be denied.

Psilocybe Mushroom Spores are offered with a stability and cleanliness guarantee. Should you find your spore sample to be unstable or contaminated please contact us and we will make arrangements for replacement.