It seems that, at least in some parts of the world, magic mushrooms have been used by people for a very long time, even for millennia. Small sculptures which represent mushrooms have been discovered in very many sites, dating back from the period between 500 B.C. and 900 A.D. in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. At the same time, it seems that in Siberia magic mushrooms were used for religious practices. Thus, local tribes were known to drink the urine of reindeers which have eaten the Amanita Muscaria mushroom. In Ancient Greece, The Eleusinian Mysteries implied the consumption of a brew made from psychedelic mushrooms. Those who exposed these mysteries were given the death penalty. The Eleusinian mysteries celebrated Demeter, the goddess of grain and her daughter by the name of Persephone. Thus, people from ancient times discovered that magic mushrooms could help them improve their mood or attain certain spiritual consciousness levels, or what they considered to be the actual gateway to the world of the spirits. In other words, these mushrooms were used in religious or spiritual practices, or just helped them relax and find peace and joy in the often eventful lives they had, as hunters –gatherers. albino penis envy mushrooms Slow growing Albino Penis Envy mushrooms are the most researched in the world. Shaman Mushroom can provide you with this type of psilocybin spores for research and taxonomy purposes only.

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