Depression, cognitive impairment and dementia – just three of many debilitating diseases that could end up no longer existing in the future because of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. Even though the research is still not fully conclusive, there is evidence that shows the mushrooms to be helpful in treating these conditions, and there is hope that in the future they might be used to develop effective treatments.

In the case of depression, the research has shown more comprehensively that magic mushrooms actually do have a very strong effect. Certain dosages are known to reduce depression a great deal, and microdosing is a method that has seen significant improvement in depressive states and states of memory loss and cognitive impairment. People who are microdosing correctly can experience improved cognition and creativity, according to certain studies.

psychedelic mushroom spores

With the help of viable psychedelic mushroom spores used to cultivate mushrooms for research, magic mushroom studies show a lot of promising information pointing to magic mushrooms as the source of future treatments that are still not yet ready, but that could save a lot of lives because of the research that is being done today. Even though the mushrooms have a bad reputation these days, that can change as they are used for scientific study of diseases and the development of possible cures for them, that could drastically change the face of applied medicine in future years.

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