Self-medication using micro-dosing is actively carried out by many Americans to treat ADHD, hyperactivity, OCD, migraines and various types of addictions. So far, the medical potential of magic mushrooms has been fully acknowledged within the medical community as well. As a result, magic mushrooms are already being used for medical purposes in research facilities, but there are no current mainstream therapies involving psilocybin.

It has been clinically shown that psilocybe cubensis eliminates mind wandering and even racing thoughts associated with ADHD. It also increases focus, efficiency and productivity. In addition, there is a lot of psychiatric interest in the way psilocybe cubensis affects serotonin. Results even show that psilocybe cubensis increases neuroplasticity, which is a significant medical benefit.

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Furthermore, the biologically relevant compounds of magic mushrooms are being scientifically explored in order to turn them into valuable sources of antioxidants. Laboratories offer psilocybin spores for sale for research and therapeutic uses usually include a pasteurization room and a refrigeration space. In this sterile environment, the spores reproduce both sexually and asexually under the supervision of a mycologist performing various tests on the end result. Until the mushrooms are shipped, they continue to be treated with care in order to avoid compromising the cultivation.

Despite its potential benefits, psilocybin has also been discovered to have side effects such as psychotic or manic episodes and suicidal ideation. These side effects are significant enough to hold off on the legalization of magic mushrooms across the country.


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