psilocybe spores

Microdosing on magic mushrooms refers to the practice of ingesting a very small amount of mushrooms in order to treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, or to boost one’s creativity and productivity at work, especially for those whose work has any relations to arts and crafts.

In short, microdosing on magic mushrooms is not yet legal. Despite the fact that a small amount is as illegal as a big amount, the penalties may differ. In other words, those who microdose in cities where the use of psilocybin has been decriminalized, have a smaller risk of being prosecuted locally, but that is pretty much it. In some states scientific researchers can legally purchase psilocybe spores for scientific research purposes only.

Microdosing can be prosecuted by the state or federal authorities. But the status of psilocybin mushrooms is certainly evolving, and chances are things will change as far as microdosing is concerned. At any rate, this topic has enjoyed a growing popularity lately, which manifested itself by an abundance of articles, videos, debates about it and its implications in the long run.

The exact amount of mushroom that a microdose implies is yet uncertain, but it generally refers to taking from 5 to 10%. According to a study about the benefits of mushroom microdosing, the participants reported that they felt friendlier, more energized, creative, and focused.


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