The medicinal qualities and benefits of magic mushrooms have been promoted by many of those who have used and promoted them on a regular basis in the past, sometimes even at great personal risk. Because of their hallucinogenic effects, psychedelic mushrooms are still illegal in many places, and you can get into serious trouble there even just by having them found in your house or on your person.

magic mushroom spores

Thankfully, some experts have actually studied these mushrooms in great detail, so scientists know a lot about their qualities and benefits. Unlike marijuana, the political support for magic mushrooms is quite low. However, the mushrooms and especially the main (illegal) hallucinogenic substance it contains, known as psilocybin, actually has a lot of qualities that most people don’t know much about.

Research has been done regarding the use of psilocybin for treating depression and diminishing the effects of addiction in those who are avid smokers. The studies about using magic mushroom spores are very promising, as are the ones regarding the treatment of various types of cancer, which date back almost 10 years.

Even though there is a lot of social stigma associated with these mushrooms and with the psilocybin substance, there are actually researchers who are continuing their studies and trials, pushing for FDA approval. If all goes well, we might even be able to expect approved and regulated magic mushroom extracts that can help treat a variety of debilitating ailments.

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