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Key Facts about Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms

The species of the Psilocybe family are small, brown mushrooms that contain active substances – Psilocin and Psilocybin -, which are compounds that act on the human sensory system.

These mushrooms have been used for a very long time. In the Lesser Antilles, there were discovered bowls with traces of such substances, dating back 2,500 years ago; other cults in America and Africa used such substances for ritual purposes.

Even more, in Europe, these mushrooms were used in religious rituals even 6,000 years ago, as evidenced by the mural discovered in a cave in Spain, near the town of Villar del Humo and associated with the species Psilocybe hispanica.

Probably the most popular species remains Psilocybe Cubensis. Named “Cubensis” by the one who discovered them in 1906, Franklin Earle, it translates as “coming from Cuba”. The history of Psilocybe Cubensis could go back significantly earlier, as noted by botanist and psychonaut Terence Mckenna; there is evidence that people in ancient Thailand were well aware of psychoactive mushrooms and their benefits as early as 13000 BC, so it is no wonder that the Cubensis strain has stood the test of time.

Cubensis can grow up to 8 cm in diameter, which distinguishing them from other similar species. Cubensis is native to many subtropical and tropical areas, such as Mexico, Brazil, and India, and its natural “home” is the manure of large herbivores, especially cows, which are found in wet meadows.

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