Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms are currently studied by scientists, given the fact that there are many claims of their powerful effects in treating certain mental conditions. The latest research on these magic mushrooms aims at developing new types of treatment for a wider range of psychiatric illnesses. Another direction that present-day research is taking is towards finding new ways to support those who are thriving, granting them access to better treatment and more chances of recovery, without the often harmful side effects of traditional medication. To continue this important research, the best place to buy psilocybe cubensis spores for medical study is Shaman Mushroom Spores.

best place to buy psilocybe cubensis spores

Researchers at the John Hopkins Medicine have found that these mushrooms can relieve some powerful symptoms pertaining to chronic depression in adult patients for a period of almost a month.

There are some other good examples of researchers who have stated the potentially positive effects of magic mushrooms. For instance, Roland Griffiths, Ph.D., presented a talk back in 2015 about psilocybin’s therapeutic potential. Griffiths declared that psilocybin has proved to be very effective in decreasing anxiety in some patients who suffer from cancer. Other patients managed to cease smoking.

Dr. Frederick Barrett has performed  research according to which magic mushrooms can do some alterations in the brain for longer periods of time, thus offering great relief from negative emotions that sometimes overwhelm the human mind in some people with mental conditions.

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