About 30% of persons with major depressive disorder are resistant to treatment. But according to a scientific trial, a synthetic form of psilocybin may help treatment-resistant patients.

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Researchers familiar with therapeutic micro dosing Penis Envy mushrooms have looked for quite a while now into the use of psychedelics, or drugs that change a person’s mood, thoughts, or senses, as a form of therapy for depression that is resistant to conventional treatments. Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic substance and it has antidepressant benefits on MDD patients and reduces depressive symptoms in those with treatment-resistant depression.

Given that psilocybin’s effectiveness has been well documented over many years, some experts think that the true question at hand is one of law and politics regarding how much evidence is required to achieve the legalization of a medical treatment based on it.

While it is still unknown how psychedelics like psilocybin work to treat depression, they have been shown to provide rapid-acting and moderately long-lasting antidepressant.

A rapid-acting therapy that provides some symptom relief within days of administration and lasts up to several weeks or longer may be worth looking into, especially given that so many people with treatment-resistant depression have likely tried numerous drugs and/or evidence-based psychotherapies without success.

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