Although many people speak of the use of magic mushrooms for spiritual and consciousness-altering experiences – or simply as a recreational drug – the fact is that psilocybe cubensis mushrooms have many positive uses in medicine that are already documented by science. Psychedelic microscopic mushroom spores are used to produce magic mushrooms for scientific micro dosing research.

microscopic mushroom spores

There are three main ways to use magic mushrooms to maximize their medical potential:

  1. By adjusting the dosage, you can use them orally for recreational purposes. The dosages that ensure maximum effectiveness against problems like anxiety and depression will, of course, vary from person to person. Also, it’s important to note that, if you increase the dosage too much, the psilocybin contained in the mushrooms could alter your perception of reality and cause additional aftereffects.
  2. To prevent those mind-altering effects, many people choose microdosing as an alternative. Microdosing is the use of psychedelic mushrooms in minute dosages that cause no visible problems when it comes to functioning in day-to-day life. Despite that fact, microdosing can be effective in raising one’s spirits, calming symptoms of anxiety, boosting creativity and promoting a general state of well-being.
  3. Psilocybin itself can be used directly for depression and anxiety. Although for now it’s simply used in this way as part of various studies focusing on scientific research, it’s possible that in as little as 3 years, prescriptions for psilocybin as an antidepressant and anxiolytic compound will become available in the pharmaceutical industry.

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