Below you will find some of our frequently asked question about
Psilocybin Mushroom Spores

Where do you ship to?
We ship our mushroom spore syringes to all states in the continental US except for Georgia and Idaho. Orders requesting spores shipped to Idaho and Georgia will be refused, voided, or refunded. Possession of these mushroom spores may be illegal in ID and GA without the proper permissions.
What shipping method do you use?
All of our packages are shipped via UPS Ground 1-3 Business Days. Our packaging is extremely discreet with no indication of the contents. After your mushroom spores order is fulfilled, you will receive an email to let you know it has been shipped and will include a tracking number for you to track your package.
Can I pay extra for faster shipment?
No, we only offer standard shipping rates at the moment. You may however contact us if you think your needs qualify for an exception. We generally ship all orders out within 3-5 business days unless the items you have ordered are on backorder.
What Payments do you accept?

We currently accept credit card, Zelle and Bitcoin for purchasing our mushroom spore syringes.

What are your Mushroom Spore Syringes intended for?

All of our psilocybin mushroom spores are for genuine research, taxonomy, and microscopy purposes only. Cultivation is illegal in many countries including the United States. We will NOT give growing advice or provide grow kits.

Do you sell Mushroom "prints"?
No. All of our mushroom spores are surgically sterile syringes containing actual Psilocybe Cubensis Mushroom Spores.
How long are mushroom spore syringes good for?
The best method for long or short term storage is in the fridge.  Freezing can potentially damage a spore syringe as the frozen water expands.  Simply store your spore items at 50-65 degrees in a dark area for up to 6 months.  All mushroom spores orders are guaranteed for 30 days after time of receipt.