Myths About Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are very unique in that they’ve been used for hundreds and even thousands of years for healing and various other practices. It’s understandable that, during all this time, a type of mushroom that causes hallucinations and altered states of consciousness would have a lot of myths and legends erected around its name. But can science actually get to the bottom of which of these myths might actually have some truth behind them and which don’t?

magic mushroom spores

One of the myths states that psilocybin mushrooms are able to trigger a higher state of consciousness where the user’s soul is elevated to a higher plane of existence. While science can not confirm or deny such claims, researchers studying magic mushroom spores can definitely comment on the hallucinogenic and calming qualities of these mushrooms, which could be at least partly responsible for many of the claims that are being referenced.

Psychedelic mushrooms are also rumored to be the best party drug. This is yet another myth that can’t really be measured in a scientific way, but that might have some truth to it depending on how you view magic mushrooms in relation to other natural psychedelics such as cannabis.

Finally, a myth that science can actually measure and talk about in detail is that magic mushrooms will always cause the impairment of the intellect and an altered state. This isn’t necessarily true, as magic mushroom doses can be altered specifically through methods like microdosing, to ensure that you get all their benefits without having to worry that you’ll put yourself or others at risk.

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