Scientists have discovered that psychedelics seem to act like a tonic, restoring the brain to its “factory settings,” but they are still unable to fully understand how this is possible. Considering that there are still worries that this type of treatment, based on hallucinogenic substances, could turn against the patients, additional studies and research is essential.

However, the steps taken so far are promising, and the FDA has categorized, last year, an experimental treatment based on psilocybin as “advanced therapy”, a designation that implies a faster approval process. This type of therapy has been put together, after clinical studies, in recent years, showed that in 30% of serious cases of depression, classic treatments do not have an effect, instead therapies based on psychedelic substances are more effective.

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Psilocybin can have amazing effects on neurons. Psychedelic drugs cause an intense mystical experience if used in large doses. But in small doses, they seem to have an effect on neurogenesis, counteracting symptoms of depression, increasing the size of neurons and improving the connection between brain cells.

However, as previously said, additional studies are needed before drawing a medical conclusion. The researchers are disappointed however by the legal restrictions regarding magic mushrooms and say that they make their work more difficult, while the treatment for people who suffer from depression and would really need it is still largely denied. Researchers interested in pursuing clinical studies and needing to know where to buy mushroom spores legally can talk to lab specialists at Shaman Mushroom Spores.

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