Recent Scientific Information Regarding Magic Mushrooms and Micro-dosing

psychedelic mushroom spores

The psychiatric interest in magic mushrooms is not something new. Apparently, back in the 1950s and 1960s, a lot of patients received different psychedelic substances in order to treat mental conditions and alcoholism. It seems that researchers tend to resume these scientific studies.

This scientific interest in the medicinal properties of magic mushrooms and other psychedelics is accompanied by a new approach regarding the exact amount that can have beneficial effects on our health, i.e. the so-called micro dosing.

Micro-dosing refers to a quantity that is too small to lead to noticeable effects, and it refers to about 5 to 10% of the commonly used dose. Evidence suggests that micro-dosing can still have remarkable results, quite similar to those of a full treatment, but without the sometimes negative hallucinatory effects.

For instance, micro-dosing can have anti-inflammatory effects, according to some studies made on animals. This made researchers studying psychedelic mushroom spores to take into consideration its potential benefit on human body also.

Most of the clinical trials regarding the positive effects of micro-dosing on human health are still underway. Until results become available, most of the evidence comes from surveys referring to individuals who have tried the effects of micro-dosing on their very own. There were also studies on rats, which proved that micro-dosing is efficient against anxiety.

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