Micro-dosing on psilocybin or magic mushrooms has become very popular in recent years. Rather than using the mushrooms in a traditional way to enjoy altered states of consciousness and go on a “trip,” a lot of people have started using very small doses that don’t actually cause any problems when it comes to preventing them from behaving normally or using their intellect, but that can still induce some of the positive effects of consuming magic mushrooms on a regular basis.

Of course, depending on how you use them, your experience may vary. One of the top trends is to micro-dose once every four days with three days in between. This approach can have a powerful long term impact on emotional wellness, often acting to curb depression and reduce chronic anxiety.

shroom spores

If you’re an artist or your job requires you to work creatively from home, you can also micro-dose before working on a new project to boost your creativity and improve your ability to think outside the box. You can look into obtaining shroom spores at Shaman Mushrooms. This is a great trend to follow whether you’re a writer, a painter, a sculptor, or a digital artist.

Some also prefer to combine micro-dosing with regular magic mushroom use. Although this approach requires a little more knowledge and expertise, it can be highly beneficial for improving both the way that you function during weekdays and the extent to which you can relax and disconnect during weekends and on your days off.

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