Psilocybin and psilocin (an alkaloid derived from the former) are psychoactive compounds found in many species of fungi (about 200), including the popular Psilocybe Cubensis.

Despite our current preconceived opinions on magic mushrooms, mankind has known and used them since ancient times, either for survival (food), getting high (induction of various states of mind), or for other purposes (medical, political, etc.).

Golden Teachers mushrooms

Today, however, we face another side of the magic mushroom issue. On the one hand, governments are fighting against using the substances they contain because of their hallucinogenic effect. On the other hand, pharmaceutical corporations are studying this very effectively to be able to recreate psilocybin in laboratory conditions because, according to recent studies, it could treat depressed patients who are not helped by modern medicines or psychotherapy.

Another reason why P. Cubensis is so special that it has its stems, each with a different character. Some of them, like potent Golden Teachers mushrooms, are mainly used in research, either due to the concentration of psilocybin or because they are less demanding when grown in the laboratory, providing resistance and the perspective of better research results:

These mushrooms are used in scientific research and are essential for developing and pushing our scientific knowledge forward.

  • The golden teacher
  • B +
  • Mckennaii
  • Mazatapec
  • Cubensis Ecuador

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