To keep the cultivation process free from contamination, the mushrooms are grown in an incubation room at fifty degrees Celsius. Additionally, to ensure lack of contamination, disease control and microbial, ecology specialists are employed alongside the rest of the staff. Micro-dosing on psilocybe cubensis is the process of taking one-tenth of the dose that can cause hallucinations. It is still being scientifically studied by neuroscientists.

The use of psilocybe cubensis has not yet been made legal in the United States on account of adverse reactions such as insomnia (or disturbed sleep patterns) and psychotic or manic episodes. Nevertheless, the use of magic mushrooms is widely spread and beneficial to many. One of the magic mushroom species historically favored by cultivators and philosophers is psilocybe cubensis which sharpens the senses and replaces the need for coffee and energy drinks. Conversely, psilocybe tampanensis (the magic truffle) is a less popular version often homegrown and often found in Tampa, Florida where it was first discovered.

Psilocybe cubensis is a psychedelic that alters the perception of time and space and causes visual and auditory hallucinations. Despite its main effect, this particular chemical has been proven to have multiple medicinal uses. As a result, there are many attempts to decriminalize the consumption of magic mushrooms on account of their potential medical use.

Furthermore, in order to avoid abusive use and incorrect administration, psilocybin could be provided by means of medical prescription or administered in clinics where heartbeat and blood pressure can be closely monitored. However, despite known benefits, psilocybin remains illegal in many parts of the U.S., which is why the scientific approach is still on the level of clinical trial.

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