Initially discovered in Cuba, in 1906, the Golden Teacher strain is one of the most well-known and powerful strains of magic mushrooms currently available. As its name suggests, its distinct gold-capped appearance will typically give it away. Additionally, its elegant and large stature, long hollow stalk and gold colored fruiting bodies are part of what makes it easy to distinguish and identify.

The potent psychedelic qualities of the Golden Teacher strain are due to its high content of psilocybin and psilocin. This mushroom strain also has a fast growth cycle.

Golden Teachers mushrooms

Altered Consciousness

Because of its potency, this strain of magic mushrooms can induce what is called a “revelatory effect” on the brain. The unique qualities of popular Golden Teachers mushrooms make it capable of enhancing color vision, inducing euphoria and creating powerful emotions and sudden mood changes. It can also create a tranquil state of mind in some cases.

Spiritual minded individuals even claim that, due to their potent psychedelic qualities, the mushrooms can also induce a state of expanded awareness in which users can essentially shed their egos and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Health Related Effects and Legality

The idea of such experiences breaking down the ego were also supported by researchers during a 2017 study which showed that Golden Teacher mushrooms could be used to restructure the self and create a profound state of inner connection that could potentially be responsible for curing various forms of addiction, as well as helping with severe depression and anxiety.

Despite its many positive traits, like other strains of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, the Golden Teacher strain is still considered a Schedule I controlled substance. That means it’s essentially an illegal drug in most areas, and it can get you into legal trouble if you fail to do your research properly.

As a result, great care needs to be taken while purchasing or growing these mushrooms. Make sure you only do so in areas where magic mushrooms were decriminalized and are legal to own. Additionally, it can be very important to obtain only the highest quality Golden teacher mushrooms or mushroom spores from reputable sources with a helpful and well-informed customer service.

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