Known as one of the most notorious and fascinating of the 200 different strains of magic mushrooms found in nature, the Golden Teacher mushrooms are loved and admired by enthusiasts from all around the  world. These unique mushrooms are highly resilient, easy to grow and quite impressive in their qualities.

Golden Teachers mushrooms

Introducing the Golden Teacher

Also known as Golden Caps and Cubes, the Golden Teachers mushrooms strain belongs to the Psilocybe Cubensis genus, known to have been used in rituals and spiritual practices since ancient times. GT shrooms are thought to have originated in Cuba, and they are quite prevalent in Central America and the Caribbean, as well as in Southeast Asia.

The strain was first described in Cuba and named Stropharia cubensis initially. Later on, it was renamed a number of times, until its wider popularization as part of Gordon and Valera Wasson’s now-famous findings, published in Life Magazine in 1957.

In 1980, GT shrooms were found growing wildly in the state of Florida. Word spread quickly about them especially in the psychedelic scene, mostly because they were different from other strains.

As the name suggests, the mushrooms boast a large, golden cap that is speckled with yellowish and brownish spots. Although they grow into cone-shaped fungi at first, they become flat at maturity, and their purple gills produce spores of the similar golden color used to identify the mushrooms themselves. It’s essential to note that their pale stems, as well as other parts of the mushrooms, become blue once they are handled.

War on Drugs and the Rebirth of Psychedelics

The infamous War on Drugs started by president Nixon in the 70s halted the use and study of the popular Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms – including Golden Teacher – which were demonized alongside Cannabis. The two-decades-long hiatus ended in the late 90s, with a study conducted at the University of Zurich.

In the US, Oregon was the first state to decriminalize psilocybin for research and therapy purposes,  and other areas  started to followed suit. Experts believe that mushrooms like the Golden Teacher have immense therapeutic potential, and with the psychedelic laws changing in their favor, we may see a new era in the treatment of a wide range of mental conditions.

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