For those who are not familiar with it, the term “laboratory-grade mushrooms” refers to preserved psilocybe spores (e.g., spore prints or spore syringes), to be used for research. Psilocybin mushrooms are not legal in all of the US, but their spores are, so they can be safely used in microscopy and mycology, in order to keep exploring their potential.

psilocybe spores

But why is it important to keep testing these mushrooms, even if they have been banned?

There are some studies started in the past, as well as ongoing studies that already revealed the potential medical benefits of magic mushrooms. During these studies, people who ingested microdoses of psilocybin showed significant improvements in mood, mental health, and psychomotor skills. Researchers suggest that this substance may represent a way to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress, with increased therapeutic potential, especially among people over 55.

However, these tests must go on in order to be able to gather enough data and formulate a scientific conclusion. Laboratory testing is therefore extremely important because it is the only way to study the effects of the psilocybin in different concentrations and doses, as well as its impact on  patients’ health, in the short and long run.

As long as there is potential for breakthroughs in the understanding of this compound, the research has to go on.

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