Research based on laboratory grade mushrooms can be very important for the world of science and of medicine, of course. There is a really wide variety of mushrooms, if we are to think in terms of morphology, ecology, metabolism, etc. And there are more than one hundred medicinal activities which are believed to be the result of medicinal mushrooms, including antioxidant effects, antiviral and cardio-protective actions.

The oriental medication has used mushrooms for many centuries, in order to treat various diseases. And nowadays there are mushroom dietary supplements available, particularly for increasing the immune function.

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Studying lab grade mushrooms can help identify mushroom species. For instance, nowadays there are about 14,000 mushrooms which were identified and are considered to have a beneficial impact on human health. About 2000 of these mushrooms are edible.

Laboratory grade mushrooms usually contain larger amounts of the active substances, which make the studying of these mushrooms more relevant. And as it has been previously mentioned, these researches are important because they can reveal the medical advantages that mushrooms can have. Psilocybin is already known by scientists for its potential positive effects in treating depression and anxiety.

Research based on lab grade mushrooms can offer valuable information such as the amount of poisonous substances that they contain, etc. The best place to buy mushroom spores from responsible distributors is Shaman Mushroom Spores.

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