Several new medical studies suggest that psychedelic drugs could make vital contributions to medicine. Among them are the magic mushrooms.

Prescribing magic mushrooms to patients or researching them could cost scientists their job and even their freedom. However, more and more of them are beginning to suspect that magic mushrooms may be the key to treating a number of health conditions, from post-traumatic stress to depression.

Observing the effects of psilocybin on the brain, the researchers say that this substance could allow the development of new treatments for depression and agonizing headaches.

The news may seem radical or even dangerous, but half a century ago, studies of the effects of psychedelic drugs were widespread and respectable. More than 1,000 studies were published during that period looking for new ways for psychiatrists to help patients using hallucinogenic substances. In the 1970s, however, the United States fell prey to a strict anti-drug stance, which restricted research in this area.

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Critics of these studies say that research contributes to the popularity of drugs. On the other hand, researchers say that their studies do not aim to legalize or recommend the use of drugs but to use these substances in medical environments and under strict surveillance to treat patients. Find out more about this at, industry leaders in providing spores for research purposes. A major problem, experts say, is that victims of the “war on drugs” include a number of patients who today suffer from untreated conditions and do not have access to substances that could reduce their suffering and improve their lives because of the stigma – associated half a century ago – with the potential cures.

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