Although it’s illegal to even own magic mushrooms in most areas, science has made remarkable progress in understanding how these mushrooms develop and what their impact on the environment truly is.

Generally known as “gold top” or “gold cap” in Australia, the mushrooms contain many impressive and fascinating hidden qualities, aside from their well-known effects on sensory perception.

Structure and Occurrence

Magic mushrooms are a widespread species of fungi that have been found and used by local tribes and communities throughout the world for thousands of years. Although there are a number of varieties, the mushrooms typically have a white or yellowish color, are about 2-6 inches in length, and have a strong and persistent veil. Unique Penis Envy mushrooms are phallic shaped and have gills that are white aging and turn bluish when handled. Some mushrooms stain blue, however their spores are of a golden or brown color, with a black/purple spore print. The mushrooms are odorless, though they have a faint metallic aftertaste once you ingest them.

Penis Envy mushrooms

Some of the most common locations for finding magic mushrooms include the United States, Thailand, India, Australia, Costa Rica and Brazil.

How Magic Mushrooms Impact the Ecosystem

The intertwined ecosystem depends a great deal on species like psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, which have a strong influence on a variety of other species.

Like many other fungi, magic mushrooms are great at helping with the decomposition process of other species and forming various symbiotic relationships with a number of different organisms. Their mycorrhizal associations allow them to gather important resources necessary for growth for both themselves and the trees they are in a symbiotic connection with.

Studying the Variety of Psilocybe Cubensis Structures

Mushroom spore syringes allow for the growth and study of a number of different species of magic mushrooms. With a simple microscope, a good set of psilocybe cubensis syringes and a well-chosen substrate, you can study various strains of the species, such as the Golden Teacher, the Blue Meanie, Malabar, Trinity or the Purple Mystic. Each of these has its own unique peculiarities, structure differences and unique roles in nature, which make them entirely unique and fascinating to study.

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