The Known Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

As the focus lately has shifted from cannabis to “magic” mushrooms like Psilocybe cubensis, a lot of researchers have started focusing on how to maximize the various health related advantages that these mushrooms are known for. As a result, randomized studies of psilocybin spores try to measure to what extent consuming the mushrooms themselves can lead to various health related advantages, and which claims regarding the benefits of these mushrooms are actually just myths.

One such randomized study was performed at John Hopkins University in 2016, and it found that even a single, small dose of psilocybin mushrooms was able to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from depression and alleviate their symptoms to a significant extent.

Another positive effect that has been noticed was that the mushrooms can actually enhance brain function and creativity. While small doses were used to test this theory, the results did not shy away from showing up, as researchers pointed out that people microdosing on magic mushrooms exhibited significantly enhanced perception, cognition, memory, as well as improved imagination and creativity.

There is definitely something to the use of magic mushroom species like Psilocybe cubensis that should be continuously studied and explored. Many scientists believe that, if properly harnessed, the gifts that these mushrooms can offer might provide significant health benefits in a variety of different fields.

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