Using magic mushrooms has a lot of consequences, some of which could be legal in nature. If you want to use them legally, you’ll have to read up about where they have been decriminalized and what you can do to avoid the legal backlash of using them improperly or in an area where they are still very much illegal.

First, let’s take a look at why psilocybin mushrooms are illegal and what has led to their decriminalization. These mushrooms – aptly named “magic mushrooms” – contain a substance known as psilocybin which has many medicinal qualities that can be tapped into while taking it in smaller doses (micro dosing) but that also don’t diminish when using the mushrooms in regular dosages that produce altered states of consciousness.

golden teachers mushrooms

Because of the fact that they can impair one’s judgment and ability to drive vehicles, psilocybin mushrooms, including potent golden teachers mushrooms, are illegal to own and use in most states. Only certain parts of California and Colorado have decriminalized them, which means there are still restrictions and the mushrooms are not 100% legal here either.

In contrast, however, psilocybin mushroom spores are legal to use for research purposes in most places, and they can also be sold, bought, transported and sometimes even grown in areas where the mushrooms themselves are illegal. This is because the spores do not yet contain any traces of psilocybin, before they germinate.


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