There is never a shortage of inspiration and innovation when it comes to artists’ ability to come up with unique new music and designs. A good example is the more recent use of unusual mushroom music and that of mycelium for building powerful acoustic architecture and uniquely sounding instruments.

The Creative Power of Biodata Sonification

Biodata sonification is a relatively new field that musicians interested in technology might focus on. It involves the recording of the bio-rhythms and sensor data associated with various species of plants and mushrooms.

In the case of mushrooms in particular, the technology can lead to the creation of very strange and fascinating music, while also helping to uncover the mysteries behind mushroom language and its similarity to human communication.

The process is simple to understand, though it requires some sophisticated technology to work. First special sensors are used to record the natural biological rhythms of mushrooms in real time. Then a special software like Pure Data, Max MSP or SuperCollider is used to isolate data points and link them to various sound frequencies and notes.

The resulting sounds can be further interpreted and modeled to form a wide variety of creative musical expressions.

Shaman Mushroom Spores

Other Fascinating Uses of Mycelium

The modern use of mushrooms and mycelium doesn’t stop there. Lately there has been a surge of impressive designs for acoustic panels and special instruments. The inspiration behind mycelium acoustic design is the intricate network of mycelium that plays an essential role in nutrient absorption and mushroom communication.

Experts found that the resulting acoustic panels can be used in almost any environment to create structure and improve acoustics due to the unique properties and tone variations that the material is capable of producing.

Instrument building is yet another field that you might find interesting when it comes to using mycelium as a major building block. Rachel Rosenkrantz’s unique mycelium-based instruments are a perfect example. The artist worked closely together with Ecovative, a company that produces sustainable materials, to create instruments that are not just aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to the ear, but also good for the environment.

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