Mushrooms have a significant role in human culture, especially in mythology. Although most mythological and other mushroom information remains undecipherable, their importance is undeniable.

psychedelic mushroom spores

Due to the multiple uses, profane or ritual, their strange form, and the way or environment of multiplication and growth, mushrooms have been so intensely semiotized in different cultures that a relevant classification of civilizations can be achieved according to the principle of mycophilia or mycophobia.

Among the peoples of pre-Columbian America, there was a cult of hallucinogenic mushrooms embodied in the mushroom-god—Teonanacatl. The belief that mushrooms are related to lightning and thunder is widespread. The cult of mushrooms and their ritual use is perhaps explained by the fact that they are considered embodiments of their ancestors. For many peoples, mushrooms were also a symbol of luck. For the Mayans, mushrooms represented a mystical symbol, an element of religious practices, the proof being found in numerous archaeological evidence.

Mushrooms certainly had a unique role in mystical and religious practices. We do not know with certainty the reason; we can only suppose that there is probably a connection between the hallucinogenic state produced by the fungus and the proximity to divinity. Man has always sought the ultimate truth, seeking to uncover unfathomable mysteries and reach the boundary between life and death, ephemeral and eternity. This “passage beyond” was possible in the mind of some with the help of magic mushrooms.

Currently, the growth cycle of reproductive psychedelic mushroom spores for microscopy is fascinating. There are many reasons to grow mushroom spores, especially for medical research purposes.

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