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In most cultures, mushrooms were perceived as mysterious, special beings, with supernatural powers. This created, depending on the area, culture and period, two types of relationships between humans and fungi: mycophilic and mycophobic. The cultures that love mushrooms are the mycophilic ones, while the mycophobes cultures are afraid of them. There are also certain cases when the same area has suddenly changed from mycophilia to mycophobia, or vice versa.

This is also the case with magic mushrooms. Although forbidden today, their use is prior to written history, so we are somewhat limited in our information, although one thing is certain: people have had an integral relationship with magic mushrooms for many thousands of years and we are not about to stop exploring this relationship anytime soon.

Archaeological researchers have highlighted the universality of their use by prehistoric people, for religious purposes (especially by shamans), initiatic (initiatory rites or passage rites) and therapeutic. Historical research reports the use of hallucinogenic substances in Mesopotamia, India, Persia, Africa, China, Japan, Europe and pre-Columbian America. Some anthropologists believe that these substances have occupied a central social role and have even contributed to the development of the culture of certain civilizations.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the problem of some social complications produced by these substances was evoked. In the twentieth century, the development of scientific medicine and the discovery of the mechanism of action of psychotropic substances resulted in the enlargement of the list of prohibited ones, including psylocibin. In the mid-90s, scientists resumed research, examining the physiological bases and effects of magic mushrooms on the central nervous system, for possible therapeutic use.

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