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Edible mushrooms are becoming very popular as people are more and more inclined to buy them at a higher price. Although the most common species are known to just about everyone in the world, there are also unique types of edible mushrooms you might not have heard of, that can surprise you through their beauty, rarity and taste:

  • The Lion’s Mane is quite possibly one of the most unique and unusual edible mushrooms you’ll come across. Found around the month of August and September in Europe, Asia and North America, the Lion’s Mane has an undefined shape with “hairs” or spines coming out of it and it features no cap or stem. It grows from a white shade when it’s young to a yellow or darker tan as it ages.
  • Europe has a hidden market for black truffles, which are considered some of the most sought out edible mushrooms in the world. Black truffles are also growing in popularity in North America and Australia, and their price can be as high as $800 per pound, due to their rarity and high demand.
  • The Enoki mushrooms are another species of rare and expensive mushrooms, although not as famous as their earlier mentioned counterpart. Their long stems and small caps make them easily distinguishable, and their mild flavor make them a fun ingredient to use in a wide range of unique and delicious recipes.
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