Magic mushrooms aren’t anything new. They have been around for centuries and have been used by various civilizations worldwide. For instance, archeological evidence suggests that the Native Americans used magic mushrooms in ritualistic ceremonies. That’s because magic mushrooms can alter the state of mind of a person and induce a trance-like state. This is what some researchers say Native Americans used to communicate with the spirit world or be able to commune with other entities.

Penis Envy mushrooms

So, Native Americans figured out that magic mushrooms, such as highly potent Penis Envy mushrooms, can lead to an altered state of mind. But they might have even gone further than that. Magic mushrooms are used today in small doses to treat various diseases and disorders. For instance, stress and anxiety can be treated with these mushrooms. Although the Native Americans might not have called them that, they might have experienced such disorders. And they might also have figured out that magic mushrooms can be used to treat them and to calm their nerves. Sure there isn’t any direct evidence of this, but presumably, if they knew what magic mushrooms could do, they may have used them for various treatments. There is strong evidence of magic mushrooms being used in Native American ceremonies and circumstantial evidence of mushrooms being used to treat other diseases.

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