What Does the Research on Psilocybin Spores Show Us?

microscopic mushroom spores

Although many people are knowledgeable about the actual magic mushrooms that are used (illegally in some places) for recreational relaxation and to attain various mystical experiences, not much is generally known by the population at large about the spores. Most people just know that spores are legal to own, so  they can be carried safely across most borders.

But what does the research tell us? How do these pores really behave, and why is that information relevant? Let’s take a look at all of that and attempt to find some of the hidden secrets of the psilocybin spores.

The name of psilocybin spores is somewhat ironic, since the spores themselves don’t carry the illegal substance. They simply constitute microscopic spores that lead to the growth and development of psilocybin mushrooms – A.K.A. the famous magic mushrooms.

Science can tell us that the mushrooms don’t actually grow from the spores until after they germinate, so until then the microscopic spores are actually legal to own. However, after they germinate and the mushrooms are growing (together with the amount of psilocybin they contain) they become illegal in all but a few US states.

This little loophole, however, allows a cultivator of microscopic mushroom spores to travel with the spores and trigger the growth process only in areas where owning and growing the mushrooms is actually legal. So, if you want to import the spores from another country, it’s a pretty simple and legal process.

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